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Inspiration Pearl #4

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“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero




Photo from FreeDigitalPhotos.net





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My weather forecast for today is: rays with a chance of inspiration drizzle.

Weather affects us in many ways. That is a fact. When it is sunny, we feel happy and invigorated. Even some rays of light can give us smile.

When it rains, some might feel down. I, personally, like rain. It sounds beautiful and it clears the air. And I like clouds. Especially on pictures.

National Geographic prove in their Photo Tips, that you can take an especially beautiful and unique picture on days when the weather is bad.

On one of these days this photo was made.

New Your City skyline © National Geographic

This is New York City’s skyline  in a fog. How different then the way it is normally seen. The colours are different. The atmosphere is different. The mood.

When we are feeling gloomy because of the weather, it is good to look with a fresh perspective, imagining, or even taking a picture. Even with your mind. You can always find something beautiful, even in the densest fog ever.

Winter can be beautiful too. And a lot of fun.

Polar Bears in Svalbard (between Norway and the North Pole) © National Geographic

Fog, once more.

Skyscrapers in Dubai © National Geographic

If we are talking about Skyscrapers, there is a song that can change your attitude for the better, even if you are going through a bad day (or days).

It is called… SKYSCRAPER. It is sung by Demi Lovato.

In the introduction she is being thankful to her fans for supporting her through a difficult time.

Nice to be thankful for something. There are lots of things to be thankful for. Every day. I am sure you would come up with many reasons. Good exercise after Thanksgiving.

How beautiful a lightning can be.

Lightning, Utah-Arizona border. © National Geographic

As you see, even adverse weather conditions can be beautiful. If you are prepared for them, have an umbrella, warm clothes and shoes, you can enjoy the beauty and take the moment to think of it nicely.

Keep warm!



National Geographic – Inspiring People to Care About The Planet 

Gone Feral in Idaho Blog

Demi Lovato’s website

Smiling fish :)

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The picture of today.

Parrotfish on Great Barrier Reef


This is a parrotfish on Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea.

These are actually the teeth that it uses to scrape algae from rock.

You can find the picture on the National Geographic website, in the Photo of the Day section.

What else to say…


National Geographic.

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Something beautiful for today.


Of nature (not only).

Whenever you feel down or uninspired, look at how beautiful the world is… There are so many places waiting to be discovered by you.

There are so many things we are taking for granted. We should not.

This is Lithuania.

This is Salmon River in Idaho.

This is Solstice in Manhattan

And this is a lion in Uganda…

I find the above picture beautiful. And majestic.

The world is full of these rare moments that are just waiting until someone captures them with a camera in all their uniqueness.

You can find all these pictures on the National Geographic website. There is a Photo of the Day section that you can take a glimpse of every day. I recommend.

Uplifting for me.