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Be yourself.

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Intimacy is the capacity to be rather weird with someone – and finding that that’s ok with them.

Alain de Botton


You are strong.

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What is strength?

Is it something you are born with?

Can you learn this?

Is it working hard to get what you want?

Is it tons of muscles?

Is it the way you wake up every morning, struggling to hold it together, facing difficulties and going through them no matter what happens?

Choose one for you or create an entirely new definition to suit your dreams.

Exactly. Your dreams define who you are. No matter what happens, you are supposed to follow your dreams. You were made to do that. And to be strong. And that is sometimes useful more than anything,

Strength is not built on muscles. It is built in your heart.

It is that little voice that tells you to do things, when everyone else is telling you to stop.

It’s that little hint of hope that makes you do something, despite it being deemed impossible.

Finally, it is something you ARE born with. Everybody is. It’s up to you, whether you’re gonna use it.

You were born beautiful. And you were born strong.

Stay strong.



Stunning views!

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Here is the beautiful view from the top of the hill in Greenwich Park, just next to the Royal Observatory.

View from the Greenwich Park: London skyline © Anna Wawrzyniak 2011

I was there today. This is its November view. You can see London’s Canary Wharf and the skyline. Isn’t it beautiful?

I got really inspired by the astronomy and the time measurement methods (moments are passing by so quickly…), while visiting the Royal Observatory and the Planetarium. The Universe is so huge and powerful. I think we do not think about it enough.

Inspired by Greenwich, I looked up on the Internet and I started viewing NASA’s photos. Here are the ones I found for you.

This is The Giant Nebula 3603, one of the most massive young star clusters in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Giant Nebula NGC 3603 © NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage

Looks like from a movie. But it is real!

It is 20.000 light years away.  And the image spans roughly 17 light years…

If you come to Greenwich’s Planetarium, you can see a show called The Secret Lives of Stars… I think I can recommend it for gloomy autumn evenings. It will cheer you up. 🙂 Whenever you are near, or plan to come to London and Greenwich, this is something worth seeing. And the Meridian Line, of course. Both on the ground and in the air, made of a green laser light,  pointing very far… Extraordinary experience. You can see the history of time measurement in the Observatory as well. Amazing.

These are Ancient White Dwarf Stars. Uncovered by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.

NASA's White Dwarf Stars © NASA and H. Richer (University of British Columbia)

They are 12 to 13 billion years old…

Nice idea for a wallpaper?

…If we are talking about dwarfs and astronomy, there is something that came to my mind… A little bit of humour is good.


This video shows a fragment of Moomins and the Comet Chase 🙂

The music is done by Bjork.


I hope you enjoy. 🙂

Enjoy the day of today!

The World is so full of miracles!

National Geographic.

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Something beautiful for today.


Of nature (not only).

Whenever you feel down or uninspired, look at how beautiful the world is… There are so many places waiting to be discovered by you.

There are so many things we are taking for granted. We should not.

This is Lithuania.

This is Salmon River in Idaho.

This is Solstice in Manhattan

And this is a lion in Uganda…

I find the above picture beautiful. And majestic.

The world is full of these rare moments that are just waiting until someone captures them with a camera in all their uniqueness.

You can find all these pictures on the National Geographic website. There is a Photo of the Day section that you can take a glimpse of every day. I recommend.

Uplifting for me.


Look at the Earth!!!

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This is absolutely amazing. A Time Lapse view from Space made by NASA… The Earth. You can see thunderstorms underneath the clouds… You can see cities… Continents night outline… The lights… The rivers as glowing with lights…

Wonderful world we live  in.

Hello world!

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There are many ways you can experience inspiration. You can wake up in the morning after an amazing dream and feel motivated to do something. You can listen to a person that is close to you (a significant other, so to speak) and feel something you haven’t felt before. Or you can even get wonder-struck by one thought in the middle of the road, on a train or on a sidewalk. It can inspire you to do something.

That’s what this blog is about.

I wanna help you discover beautiful things, discover your potential every day anew, find inspiration in others and experience love, the most amazing thing you can ever feel. It happens.

Emeralds are special stones. So is turquoise. So are many others. For me, as an Aquarius, this is the colour pattern that I love. Water colours. The same way that I love watercolour paintings. There will be posts about paintings here. And photography. And film. And music. And dance, theatre, many, many others. The main underlining theme in this blog is: Inspiration.

This is what I want you all to feel after coming here: INSPIRATION.

The Emerald Me Inspiration Blog started on 20 November 2011 at 4.00am Greenwich Mean Time… Magical time, in the middle of the night, somewhere in between blue and green. Green-wich. Blue skies. Water. That’s why I so love this colour.

Whatever brings you here, stay, sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.

Thank you very much for reading.