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Recently I came across my high school graduation album I made back in 1996…yes, it has been THAT long. While reading my teenage heartfelt reflections and desires for my life, I realized that so many of the dreams I held for myself as a young woman have been fully realized…that I AM LIVING MY DREAMS right here RIGHT NOW!

What a delightful surprise to become aware that everything is perfect just as it is.

And, to learn that everything I dream, I can manifest.

What we desire can become our reality.

Our universe is abundant with possibility.

And when we tune in, when we open our hearts, when we relax our minds, when we are in the flow,



So, on this day after Thanksgiving, I remind myself, and I remind you, my beloved readers,


We are in the perfect place in…

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Be Thankful Quote 23

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Vicki Manuel

My great-niece (age 4 1/2) drew this heart in the sand.

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